A Community of Latin@ Hospitality

Spanish Literacy Classes (Clases de Alfabetización)

Supports Adult Literacy in Spanish for individuals who have not attended school in their native countries 

Talleres Comunitarios 

Address our Latin@ families' educational and informational goals during our Hospitality hours

Children Enrichment Program

Supports our young visitors to enhance academic and social skills

Hospitality and Solidarity

Food Pantry and Diaper Bank

La Casita Center has a Dare-to-Care pantry that is stocked entirely by donations, often from the same families it serves.  After renovating our new building on Magnolia Ave, our pantry has grown to house a wider range of food, including importantly, fresh fruits and vegetables. La Casita Center has been able to reach and accompany greater numbers of the Latin@ population. Our Dare-to-Care pantry is the only pantry dedicated to meeting the needs of the Latin@ Community. Once a month, La Casita Center provides diapers to our Latin@ community. 

​Give and Take Closet

La Casita Center operates a clothes closet where donated clothes, household items and baby items are distributed through our walk-in hospitality program.  What is special about this program is that often families return clothes that they have borrowed, once their children have grow out of them, so that the clothes may be offered to another family.

Supporting families in reaching their basic needs builds a strong foundation for further personal growth, empowerment and community engagement and exposes more community members to our programs. As part of our holistic approach to accompaniment and community building, La Casita Center provides support for individuals and families through our walk-in hospitality program, offering clothing, food and referrals to our programs and other basic services and resources.