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La Casita's Resources / Recursos de La Casita 

Colectivo Latinx is a Latinx-led collaboration between community and trusted Spanish media networks. Colectivo Latinx has responded to the surging challenges affecting Latinx families in Louisville. Our group supports the community through the development of culturally effective and meaningful campaigns. Since its creation the Colectivo has successfully led campaigns and held events that provide COVID-19 testing, awareness, and support to Louisville's Latinx and immigrant community.

For more information please visit the Colectivo Latinx Facebook page.









Una Comunidad de Hospitalidad Latinx

A Community of Latinx Hospitality




​​​The Louisville Latino Education Outreach (LLEO) Project is a collective impact collaboration of organizations in Lousiville who are working on the Cradle-to-Career pipeline specifically for Latinx students and families in Louisville. Our team provides an avenue for collaboration, systems change, and relationship building among Louisville Latino education organizations. We advocate for and empower Latino students and families in Louisville by providing access, knowledge base, and support to promote success in college, career and life.

For more information please visit the LLEO guide.

Educational / Educativos


As mighty as we are, we cannot do it alone and we do not know everything. We rely on the community, partners, networks, and an abundant of resources for our work, our families, and our organization. This page is a list of resources that are suggested by our staff and our community


Tan poderosos como somos, no podemos hacerlo sin ayuda y no lo sabemos todo. Contamos con la comunidad, los colaboradorxs, las redes y una gran cantidad de recursos para nuestro trabajo, nuestras familias y nuestra organización. Esta página es una lista de recursos sugeridos por nuestro equipo y nuestra comunidad.​​

If you know of any resources that are helpful and are not on the list, please let us know!

Si conoce algún recurso que sea útil y no está en la lista, ¡háganoslo saber!

La Casita's Resources / Recursos de La Casita 



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Somos un círculo

We are a circle

Colectivo Esperanza is a partnership between local organizations committed to accompanying families as they face economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, 59 families received funds to be used for essential needs such as: utilities and rent, medical bills, legal fees, and more during the pandemic.

​For more information please visit the Colectivo Esperanza's website.