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and Advocacy Programs

Accompaniment and Advocacy

At La Casita, we use the accompaniment model to carry out our mission of providing systemic change within our families. We walk beside our families to empower them to make the decisions they want. Together, we overcome barriers, we advocate, and we inform. 
"Una Mano Amiga" (UMA) is an advocacy-based program supporting families with children and adults with special healthcare needs.


Familias Fuertes, Comunidades Fuertes

Strong Families, Strong Communities

Offering a safe and welcoming space that allows people to seek the assistance that is needed, and learn about their options and everyone’s right to live free of violence.

Through this program our advocates are able to accompany individuals that have been victimized while empowering our community through support groups. You are not alone.

Una Mano Amiga

A Friendly Hand

Una Mano Amiga (UMA) is one of the longest running programs offered by La Casita Center. UMA was founded in 2013 with eleven families in partnership with UofL Pediatrics and Family Health Centers and with financial support from the Kentucky Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs. UMA accompanies Latinx families who have a member with special care needs through support groups, individual services to connect families to resources, emotional support, and empowerment to advocate for their children and themselves. During the support group, childcare is provided so each attendee can fully engage in the program.

Una Mano Amiga La Casita

Programa Encuentros

Encuentros Programs

Encuentros are events that La Casita Center hosts for our community. An encuentro can take the form of a town hall, a candidate forum, or a holiday celebration. Our encuentros represent a time during which the community can be present with one another, celebrating shared traditions and honoring the Latinx spirit of resiliency and hospitality. Encuentros amplify the voices of the Latinx community, ensuring our voices are heard and our experiences honored as we work together to uplift our community. 

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Somos Un Circulo 

"Somos un Circulo" (We Are a Circle) is a 30 min show streamed through Facebook and Youtube for a Spanish-speaking audience. 

Watch the video and learn more with our many guests about important topics that have to do with our city, well-being, and health. 

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