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Consulting Services

  Our Mission  

La Casita Center works intentionally to build a thriving community based on mutual support and respect.


La Casita accompanies a hugely diverse Latinx population from different regions of Latin America and the United States, including Afro-Latinx and indigenous communities. 

Our circle welcomes families with children with special needs and individuals that have experienced forms of trauma like domestic violence, human trafficking, hate crimes, & more. 

We accompany individuals for whom English (and sometimes even Spanish) is not their first language, and who may have different literacy levels.

Learn more about the community we accompany.

  Our Community  

Our Methodology

La Casita Center uses a holistic approach when working on research and developing campaigns for the community. 

Our Model

Triangle of Accompaniment 

Accompaniment is the model that helps carry out our mission of providing systemic change within our families. We support our families to create the decisions they want in their lives. 

We actively avoid victimizing, judging, or taking on the role of a “rescuer.” 

See how the accompaniment model works.






Sharing Our Model

The organizations we accompany range from local non-profits to national companies. 
We tailor (audience, address, needs) and host: 

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Training: Cross-Cultural Hospitality

The Cross-Cultural Hospitality Training focuses on cultural sensitivity for those providing services to a diverse and multicultural audience. The training contains information on local cultural awareness, and tools for best practices based on the firsthand experience of a local non-profit for the immigrant and Latinx community. This training allows the audience to learn more about themselves by learning about others.

What is your industry?

Consulting Experiences

Hear from the organizations we’ve accompanied on how we helped them through our services. 

Learn about more success stories. 

“After a 1:1 meeting with La Casita, learning about their programming, we asked if the team would be willing to develop a two-hour professional development for our partners. It was such a positive professional experience and the programming they provided was an absolute hit with all of our partners. They were resoundingly requested for the new program year, so we have worked with them twice now. Excellent experience, excellent team, excellent program, just a fabulous experience overall!”


Regan Wann

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