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And Empowerment

Education and Empowerment

Education is a human right, but reality shows that disparities exist when it comes to who can access an education and the type of education they receive. At La Casita, we know disparities such as these manifest for a variety of reasons including limited access to information in a family’s native language, limitations to technology and transportation, and limited support towards a family’s basic needs.


In an effort to address these disparities, La Casita offers holistic accompaniment meant to support the whole family. Alongside our other services, La Casita offers enriching education opportunities for our Latinx students and families ranging from our yearly programming to specific events that aim to address current events and needs in the community.



Enriquecimiento Infantil

Child Enrichment

La Casita recognizes that children have a right to share space in this world. Because of this we strive to always offer a form of child enrichment during all of our events. Our approach to child enrichment ranges from dedicated childcare to play areas for caregivers and their kids to use to free toys and books that keep kids entertained. Our goal is to recognize the needs and desires of the whole family during our events and ensure that children feel welcome in our spaces.

La Escuelita

The Little School

La Escuelita is a bilingual kindergarten transition program for children ages 3-5. In addition to accompanying students with learning basic academics such as shapes, numbers, and the alphabet, La Escuelita strives to prepare children and their families socially and emotionally for the kindergarten transition as well. As our preschool students wrap up their time in our programming and prepare for their first day of kindergarten, La Casita is here to walk them through the process. From registration and enrollment support to back to school supplies to workshops discussing the emotions and challenges of the kindergarten transition we strive to walk side-by-side with our families as they prepare for the big first day! 

Una Mano Amiga La Casita

Campamento Alegria

Summer Camp

La Casita is proud to offer a variety of summer programming options to the families we accompany both virtually and in person. 


As the La Escuelita school year wraps, the fun and education continues throughout summer during our Camp La Escuelita. Aimed at kids ages 3-5 (including those heading off to kindergarten in the fall), students and their families find the same fun, engaging lessons that they are used to seeing during the school year. In addition, La Casita offers summer fun opportunities and culminates the camp with an official graduation for our students heading off to their first day of kindergarten!


Camp Alegría is our summer long camp for school aged children (rising first grade and up). This summer camp engages and empowers students in a culturally competent environment to be their full selves. From field trips, to Roblox game days, to online charlas (chats), to community visitors and projects, students enjoy a fun-filled summer packed with adventure in a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment.

Semillita Latina

Latinx Little Seeds

Semillitas Latinas (little Latinx seeds) grew out of a recognition of a need for cultural connection and social support through community building to reduce the effects of trauma for vulnerable Latinx youth and their families. Semillitas Latinas provides Latinx youth an opportunity where they can explore their talents and find new ways to learn and grow in a space of safety, community, and cultural values.

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La Escuelita

La Escuelita is a 30 min bilingual class session, streamed through youtube and facebook. Our Child Enrichment Coordinator provides different activities and readings for 3 to 5 year old. However, this is a program recommended for the whole family!

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